Facilitated Training

As Project, Product, Performance and Quality Improvement powerhouse, PlanTech experts are dedicated to helping organizations improve their business processes.

PlanTech Facilitated Training provides a professional educator to conduct instructor-led courses on a variety of topics including Project Management, FMEA Methodology, and Implementation. Our half or full day training sessions include lectures, team exercises, class discussions, and post testing to measure training effectiveness.

The courses are energetic and informative, equipping learners with skills and examples that have practical workplace application.

The benefits of working with PlanTech on facilitated training are immense:

  • Courses are tailored to your business and industry
  • Application activities are completed with coaching and review
  • Employee questions are answered on-site by an expert facilitator
Additional Information:
Would you like to speak with a PlanTech professional educator? Courses can be customized to meet the needs of your organization. Contact Us today!

For more information, contact us at: info@plantechinc.com