Product Realization (PPAP)

Today's Challenge

How many companies have lost millions of dollars launching a new product? Problems with product launch timing, quality, and cost issues are very common but not inevitable. During the launch process a slip-up here and an "oops" there can cost millions of dollars in re-work, customer dissatisfaction and lost revenue. Low cost, high quality and quick delivery are basic expectations of the customer. By working with Plantech, you can know that your launches will be consistently successful.

Plantech's Product Realization Process

Plantech provides both the product realization planning (APQP) tools and the development system to achieve remarkably predictable success in your organization's product launches. Recognizing the strategic importance of product development, Plantech integrates consulting and training services to support the development and deployment of effective processes in your product and process design, verification, and launch to help ensure your ability to meet all your customer requirements while achieving all of your own business objectives.

We analyze your current product design processes to determine your product design lead-time, how you develop new product ideas, how you innovate, how you commercialize new products and how you achieve overall design policies and objectives. This provides a snapshot of your current design processes and helps us determine what work is needed. We also take time to analyze the approach that will be taken in training cross-functional teams on a national or international basis.

Once your current state is determined, we map out a program that will help move your product design efforts to the most advanced systems in the world. Our approach gets you developing new products on time, on budget, with first pass success, with a PPM level of six sigma or less, all while meeting overall customer expectations.

Plantech's Integrated APQP Process

The Plantech process will result in major reductions of design costs while significantly increasing design throughput and engineering productivity. The first step involves aligning design policies and objectives with overall business strategy. This enables you to utilize your management system to track how these policies and objectives are deployed throughout the organization.

Next, we examine your approach to project management and to objectives-setting for each new product launch to allow us to begin examining potential improvement areas.

We study the entire design and development process and scrutinize it to find contributors/ inhibitors to overall success. We study the overall design process, the integration of product and process technology, simultaneous engineering, innovation, and the rapidity of the process. Plantech shows your team how to incorporate Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA) in design rules. Effective project management and customer satisfaction methods are deployed to identify the success and failure factors in the design area so you can continually assess and improve.

Plantech Modular Training Approach

The Plantech approach emphasizes the need to concentrate on improvement as the goal instead of basic documentation, conducting the process review with plant floor personnel and using your real data for failure mode analysis. Plantech develops a unique integrated modular product development and launch plan for you, with an eye to the bottom line. Courses are designed for sales, program managers, engineers and quality and manufacturing personnel.

The training regimen begins with APQP, which involves risk assessment, program management and feasibility analysis. Next, the focus moves to Product Design & Development and includes DFMEA and DVP&R. We then head into Process Design and Development, including Process Flow, PFMEA, Control Plans and Work Instructions. Finally, we begin training to assess plant floor standardization, production trail run, PPAP, and continuous improvement. This course provides a hands-on approach to the entire APQP process, using your data, and Plantech can deliver this training anywhere worldwide.

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