QMS Sourcing: Outsourcing the Quality Management System

Your company, like many others, has no doubt discovered the cost advantages and flexibility of outsourcing. The focus has been on non-core functions and economies of scale but the range of outsourcing has continued to grow and now includes IT, HR, accounting, purchasing, engineering, call centers and many more areas. The newest offering in outsourcing is just beginning and involves the company's Quality Management System.

QMS Sourcing makes good sense. Who better than a dedicated independent team of highly trained specialists to ensure that goals are being met? Especially since quality is so fundamental to Customer and bottom-line success. It is time-consuming and expensive to attempt to develop all the skills you need in this area and deal with constant turnover--as people move through their careers. QMS Sourcing provides consistency, expertise, third party objectivity and zero hassles.

In such an integral part of business as quality management, it makes sense to have a committed, competent and candid partner. A transactional approach, cherry-picking services, fails to achieve the full potential of the outsourcing. Plus, as important as quality management is to your business, it serves but doesn't set your strategic plan. It's the client's responsibility to determine how QMS Sourcing will integrate into the long range plan.

The term outsourcing to most people means sending jobs overseas, but actually over 70%1 of the activity is domestic.

Quality Management Outsourcing is relatively new, and so far it has been primarily tactical with providers focusing on a few lucrative areas like supplier development, internal auditing and improvement events. This leaves the client to manage many sources or to sub-optimize their quality outsourcing.

Why QMS Sourcing?

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Focus resources and energy on core processes
  • World-class experience
  • Objectivity
  • Management attention
  • Employee acceptance
  • Risk management
  • Customer security
  • Less hassles

What functions can be included in QMS Sourcing?

  • QMS certification
  • QMS certification maintenance
  • Improvement efforts
  • Supplier development
  • Training
  • Customer relationship management
  • Quality culture deployment
  • Knowledge management
  • Operational excellence
  • New product launch support

The best partner can be summarized in the 5 R's of QMS Sourcing:

  • Results
  • Reputation
  • Relationship
  • Regulation
  • Renewal
Additional Information
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