The PlanTech Methodology for Completing an FMEA

  • Obtain Management Sponsorship & Define Scope
  • FMEA Preparation:
    • For DFMEA: Develop a block diagram / identify the functions / performance requirements
    • For PFMEA: Walk through plant - Review process flow diagram / process requirements
    • For MFMEA: Identify the functions / machine movements / performance requirements
  • Identify FMEA team and key contacts
  • Review sufficiency of existing FMEAs
  • Obtain warranty / field performance data
  • Conduct kick-off meeting
  • Customize Ranking Scales
  • Initiate FMEA meeting & conduct JIT training (if needed)
  • Facilitate the FMEA
  • Summarize meeting and plan next steps
  • Management review with sponsor
  • Begin risk reduction / continuous improvement program
Additional Information
Whether you're working on a device used in neuro-surgery, the packaging for a pharmaceutical drug, or an automotive related product, PlanTech can help you to PROPERLY apply FMEA methodology, making certain that potential risks are assessed and avoided right from the beginning. Contact Us Today!

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