Risk Analysis for Healthcare

You can apply PlanTech's proven risk management methodology from our 12 years of application experience in the automotive, aerospace, and defense industries.

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Operation (JCAHO) requires healthcare organizations to complete one risk analysis, annually, on a high risk process as well as root cause analysis on any sentinel event.

Learn from the Experts

JCAHO has not specified the format for risk analysis. Take advantage of PlanTech's traditional risk analysis approach or apply FMEA for healthcare - HFMEA. We offer FMEA training as well as Root Cause Analysis, and our certified consultant trainers are comprised of experts from many industries including physicians.

PlanTech HFMEA Approach

Our goal is to satisfy your training requirements by transferring knowledge and skills related to risk analysis to you. It is PlanTech's professional belief that, to be truly effective, FMEA must be part of an integrated systems approach for quality and profitability improvement. The PlanTech methodology helps facilitate that goal.

FMEAs are intended to be a before the event activity as opposed to RCA that is completed after a sentinel event occurs. PlanTech will work with your risk managers to ensure potential risk is properly identified and then mitigated by implementing effective recommended action.

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