PlanTech consultants are certified Project Managers and will implement the following Project Management system elements:

  • Project Portfolio Selection
  • Project Initiation
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Control
  • Completion

Project Management Maturity Assessment

PlanTech can determine your level of project management maturity and recommend steps to advance it. The conclusions are analyzed and documented to formulate a clear roadmap for confident next steps.

During a typical enterprise assessment we examine:

  • How well project management tools are used.
  • Process for project planning, executing, controlling and closing.
  • Project portfolio selection and how it supports corporate strategy.
PlanTech Project Managers have assumed planning responsibilities and have freed up time for my engineers to do engineering work! They have integrated well into the team and help hold us accountable for meeting timing objectives.
- Engineering Manager

Project Management Implementation

Certified Project Managers will provide long-term solutions to process and project issues.

Project managers will work with management and business teams to ensure projects launch and complete on time and within budget. They keep management informed with frequent progress reports customized to illustrate customer goals and status to target. These individuals will develop and implement:

  • Templates
  • Processes
  • Metrics to determine success

Managed Services

If your business' key competencies do not include project management, PlanTech will assist in managing your project office and allow you to focus on your specialized areas of business. Partnering our specialists in project management with your area of expertise will help develop your customer base and grow financially.

Benefits of PlanTech Managed Services:

  • Projects start and end on time, meeting customer requirements
  • Complete analysis of project profitability
  • Improved customer relationships
  • Increased availability of employees to focus on sales and product development
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