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PlanTech's temporary-to-hire solution is designed to alleviate the administrative burden of recruiting, evaluating, screening, and interviewing full-time employees. We provide highly skilled and prescreened employees to our customers that may lead to full-time employment. PlanTech gives our customers the unique option to evaluate an employee onsite before making a final hiring decision-ensuring the new employee is a good fit with co-workers, company culture and day-to-day responsibilities.

Our 90-day evaluation period minimizes all hiring risk. PlanTech retains the employee on our payroll for 90 days while you evaluate his/her performance.

PlanTech "Audition" Reduces The Hiring Risk.

Statistics have shown that approximately 21 administrative tasks are completed for every new hire. Accomplishing these tasks will absorb nearly 53 hours of your staff's valuable time. Yet there's still no guarantee that your new employee will fit well within your organization. PlanTech offers a hassle-free, worry-free alternative-one that's guaranteed to minimize the hiring risk and save your business time and money.

PlanTech Audition Features Your Benefits
Rigorous screening processes
  • You receive increased quality of candidates and employees
  • Saves time and money speaking with unqualified candidates
  • Provides administrative relief of labor intensive activities related to the hiring process
Extensive recruitment network
  • Reduced hiring costs
  • Streamlined hiring processes
  • Improved recruiting ROI
90 day evaluation period
  • Minimizes hiring risk
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