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IT-Lead Project Manager

  • Served as Configuration Management Librarian by maintaining version controls categorization of Business Review and Development planning documents
  • Coordinate project timeline and delivery dates Setup and support media conference for CEO
  • Supervised and delegated team of 10 individuals to perform daily tasks
  • Market and present helpdesk features to new customers and executives
  • Organize and gather agent performance data for training purpose
  • Conduct quality reviews for all issues resolved by CBD HelpDesk(Client Back Desk) agents
  • Develop customer specific IT Centralization process
  • Maintain logistic for hardware and software for CBD Helpdesk (Client Back Desk)
  • Used Internal Inventory Management software (ROPS) to track and order hardware and software for users
  • Worked on lifecycle implementation of CRM with Service Module experience
  • Local Site Coordinator; organized and managed XP migration for 200+ users
  • Maintained online help directory to resolve minor users issues without need to contact support
  • Worked to provided system administrative support for users to the network using Novel
  • Provided Blackberry and PC support to users by troubleshooting and setting up applications for them

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Launch Engineer

  • Taurus/Sable/SHO and Lincoln LS car programs
  • Managed and directed personnel within Engineering, Manufacturing, Assembly Operation, Material Control and Purchasing through all launch phases of these vehicles.  Duties also included directing the change management process each vehicle line. 
  • Experienced in noise/vibration/harmonics, ride and handling, and interior sound levels associated with powertrain components. 
    Powertrain package supervisor, 3.8 L V-6 engine applications. 
  • Developed concept vehicle from paper design through prototype phase. 
  • Lead vehicle packaging, Design Aid process, cost studies for complete vehicle applications. 
  • Developed and organized a new office to implement the controls necessary to meet Emissions and Safety Federal Regulations. 
  • Supervised one hundred thirty-five hourly employees and six foremen.
  • Directly involved with process, industrial engineering, and labor relations to obtain a smooth daily production count. 
  • Represented plant management in many seminars, reviews and assembly meeting throughout the United States. 

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Project Management Analyst

  • Report monthly to VI Manager on budget and allocate headcount for Department based on model formula developed for VI.
  • Publish weekly Significant Events Calendars and M1DJ/FDJ Plans in DocuCenter which are utilized by Chiefs, VEMs, and Supervisors to track upcoming Program Milestones, Build Events, Checkpoint Reviews and Drives.
  • Responsible for maintaining Roles and Responsibilities/Meeting Charters for VE in Workstream II.
  • Instrumental in the development and weekly publication of VE GCBP Calendar which provides the VE Global Team with tracking/scheduling data used by VE and Attributes for upcoming CBP milestones/events and scheduling changes.       
  • Worked with Design/Release engineers and suppliers to identify and update engineering information to resolve electrical concerns, including but not limited to WERS issues.  
  • Interfaced with Engineering Release Analysts to ensure that WERS information is accurate for timely resolution of concerns. 
  • Involved in updating and maintaining Program web page.

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