Implementation Steps

Typical Analysis and Implementation Steps

The following steps describe the typical approach used to analyze the current state of a business and to develop and implement an integrated business operating system throughout the organization;

Initial Needs Analysis
(Identify What Needs To Be In Place)
  • Complete Initial High-Level Review of the entire Organization and Develop a Draft Integration Proposal.
  • Present Proposal To Leadership
Current State Analysis
(Identify What's In Place Today)
  • Complete Detailed Analysis of Current Business Processes and Systems to Determine Essential Core Requirements.
Integration Planning
(How To Integrate The System)
  • Develop a Detailed Integration Plan with Process Owners to Combine All Core & Support Requirements Into "One Integrated Business Operating System"
Integrate Documentation
(Document The Business System)
  • Complete a Detailed Review of All Process & System Documentation. The Main Focus Will Be To Simplify, Standardize, and Integrate All Documentation.
Integration Implementation
(Show Everyone The New System)
  • Complete Appropriate Training to Facilitate The Implementation of the Revised/New Integrated Business Processes & Systems.
Assess & Review Integration
(Assess How Well The System Works)
  • Facilitate The Completion Of A Full Assessment and Management Review Of The Integrated System (Option: Facilitate 3rd Party Integrated Certification)
Continual Improvement
(Where Can We Improve - Simplify?)
  • Continue To Improve Processes and Systems Based on Continual Internal Assessments and Management Reviews of The Integrated Operating System.

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