Benefits of an Integrated Operating System

The following are typical benefits that organizations will see after they integrate all their different business processes, systems and external requirements into "One Common Operating System".

  • Operational Reviews & Meetings - Traditional QMS Management Reviews become part of the every day Operations Meetings and focus on the performance of a combined system versus many independent systems. This results in less time in meetings and more time for running, growing and improving the business.
  • Internal and External Assessments - Combined assessments are completed by your current Internal and 3rd Party Assessors, which equates to less time requirements because of a single system. This is a direct savings in resources.
  • Value-Added Assessments - With a combined system Assessors will be trained to understand how the entire company runs, therefore they will be able to offer a more value-added analysis on how systems are functioning and interacting. They also become a valuable problem-solving resource, with great advancement possibilities.
  • Enhanced Continual Improvement Focus - Internal Assessments are focused on looking for Opportunities for Improvement and not just system breakdowns. All continual improvement efforts and initiatives become focused on improving the system and the many related business processes.
  • Less Documentation - The integration process is really a standardization process that will eliminate unnecessary and redundant documentation that does not add value to the company. The goal is to "Simplify - Simplify - Simplify!"
  • Facilitates Deployment of Business Objectives - Strategic Business Planning improvement objectives can now be linked to system improvements and deployed more effectively through simplified documentation and implementation steps.
  • Regulatory Requirements - Integrating government regulatory requirements into one system ensures that the required responsibilities are defined and implemented throughout the company. This minimizes risk, and helps leadership sleep at night!
  • Effective and Efficient Resource Utilization - Human and financial resources are now focused on "One System" versus many different and usually conflicting "Silo's". This will stop all the different areas of the organization from fight for less and less resources, while trying to accomplish the same goals and objectives!

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