Integrated Business Operating Systems

"One Company - One System"

The Integrated Business Operating System concept (IBOS) evolved as a result of organizations needing a simple and common sense approach to assist them in combining and integrating all the different business, regulatory and international requirements that they are mandated to implement today. Most companies end up with many independent systems.

With the introduction of ISO 9000 Quality Management System and the ISO 14000 Environmental Management System requirements organizations were forced to implement and document non-value added management systems that did not really reflect how their businesses actually functioned. In 2000 the ISO 9000 Standard was revised and now requires organizations to document how their business processes and systems actually work, how they interact, and how they are continually improved.

In addition to the ISO Standards most organizations must meet many other unique requirements such as specific Customer Requirements and Standards (i.e. TS16949 Global Automotive Technical Specification), Occupational Health & Safety (ISO 18001), Financial Risk Analysis (SOX), Strategic Business Planning, Lean Concepts, Business Performance Measurement and Improvement Objectives. Organizations that have strong Continual Improvement Culture Commonly implement World Class business concepts based on National Quality Awards such as the USA Baldridge Award, Shingo Prize, and Canadian Quality Criteria.

So how can organizations possibly meet all these different and continually growing requirements? The only way a company can ensure that all these requirements are being met effectively and efficiently is to integrate them into one system!

"IBOS is a simple and common sense approach to combining and integrating all the different business processes, regulatory requirements and international standards that companies are being mandated to implement today!"
Author; William Dobranski, BOS Inc

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